Welcome to the Garbage Disposal website – a place where we will discuss everything there is about the waste disposal units. We do want to become the authority in the field of garbage disposals, the science behind them, and the ways they can make your home just a little bit smarter. Don’t think that we are just stating the obvious. No, we have taken the time to review the most popular garbage disposals on the market by doing the gritty work. That means that we installed all these units and tested them in our real, family kitchens so that we can provide full and unbiased reports.

And that is our guarantee. Nobody affected our findings, we bought, installed and used each and every model you see on this website. If you ask why the answer is rather simple. We want to present the current market offer through the eyes of an everyday buyer, who lives in a household where such waste disposal unit would actually be used. There’s so much to consider before getting one garbage disposal for yourself, and most people walk into a store and choose one blindly. Salespeople are there to – sell. What are the chances that they actually have the same unit? If they do, how do they know if there’s a better and similarly priced one? Don’t be fooled.

Best way to select the right unit is researching the topic for a bit and seeing which aspects align with your household and interest. We have taken the time not only to do a full-page review of each waste disposal unit, but we also organized our findings in a self-explanatory chart. One quick look, and you will be able to compare multiple models by their size, weight, price, rating, and even compare the warranty between the units. As you can see, there’s so much you need to consider and research before you make a purchase. Nothing will spoil the mood like an unnecessary expense. You could end up with a unit that cannot support your grinding needs or is simply too loud.

Maybe you have heard about a brand somewhere and you select the garbage disposal just because of that. With our easy to read garbage disposal buying guide, you can perhaps discover new brands and new products that could fit your needs better than the one you were considering. We have taken the time to do full reviews so that you can save yourself from doing the same. It’s all collected in one place, and it’s easily accessible. You can easily find out all about the cleaning process, maintenance, pros and cons, and how to use the units.

But what’s even sweeter – if you leave a comment or contact us, we will do our best to answer as soon as possible. We want you to make the right purchase decision for you and your household, and that means we will be there to discuss the ins and outs and offer our professional opinion.