General Electric GFC320V Review

General Electric GFC320V Garbage DisposalIf you spend even a slight amount of time in the kitchen preparing food, you have surely encountered the problem of extra food waste that you need to get rid of. Some people turn to compost, but not everything can be composted, and sitting food waste is an open invitation for bacteria to be your roommates.

We decided to take this garbage disposal unit from GE and give it a test run. We will go through the strengths and weaknesses of the unit and try to dive into every essential feature this model has onboard.

Purchasing garbage disposal for your household is an important investment, and we will try to help you out as much as possible via this General Electric GFC320V review. Make sure to thoroughly read through this review, and decide if this is the right unit for you.


General Electric GFC320V Specifications

Firstly, during the unboxing, we noticed the extremely compact size of the unit. It is definitely one of the smallest garbage disposals out there, and the first impression suggested that it is not that powerful. Well, turns out that size can often trick you. This model is powered by a 1/3 HP permanent magnet electric motor, which is just enough to support a 2-person household. However, this motor can achieve over 2,500 RPM, thus providing incredible grinding action, despite its compact size.

The industrial-looking unit is made of galvanized steel, and the grinder itself is made of stainless steel, with dual-swivel, anti-jam grinding blades. This assures that the unit doesn`t jam often, so if you clean it on a regular basis, you don`t have to worry about clogging the drain.

Furthermore, this is a continuous feed food waste disposal unit, meaning that it works while you are working in the kitchen. If you need further clarification on types of disposals and general info, feel free to consult written materials (link to the main page here) and learn the basics. The device is also equipped with an EZ Mount system, allowing you to install it all on your own. Additionally, you can find a removable splash guard with a stopper included, and an instruction manual book.

Customer Support and Warranty Policy

General Electric is an industry titan. Everything that has even a slight connection with electricity, this company has its branch in it. Furthermore, this garbage disposal device is made by the General Electric Appliances subsidiary. This branch makes anything from ovens to refrigerators, and are experienced in making long-lasting appliances for households worldwide. They provide a lot through their website, and the customer support can be reached via phone and email. They even provide helpful videos on YouTube, in order to reach their customers better.

This particular model is covered by a 1-year limited warranty policy, which makes sense being that it is one of the most affordable solid garbage disposal units out there.

What to Expect from General Electric GFC320V Garbage Disposal?

This model is made for a small-to-medium workload. It achieves high RPM but is powered only by a 1/3 HP motor, so you should consider loading it in smaller increments. You can, however, use it to get rid of all types of standard food leftovers, but make sure to avoid bones and fibrous foods like bananas and peaches. A household of 2 would be the best place to install the model, and with regular maintenance, there should be no trouble with the unit.


  • Extremely portable and affordable
  • Easy to install, EZ Mount system provided
  • Saves a lot of electricity, due to the motor power


  • Not made for heavy-duty workloads
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty policy only


Wrap Up

Despite its size and power, we were satisfied with this model. The price-to-power ratio is excellent, and it is ideal for a smaller household. Installing it was easy, and the cleaning process followed in the same fashion. Just make sure to unplug the device before cleaning it, and always use pliers to fetch unwanted items that fall into the drain. The model is extremely energy efficient and very affordable, so giving it a go will surely pay off.

We hope that we have managed to answer all your potential questions in this General Electric GFC320V review. Obtaining this kind of appliance is a must if you wish to keep your kitchen nice and clean, and odor free.

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