InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control Review

Insinkerator Evolution Cover Control Garbage DisposalIf you enjoy cooking and spending time in your kitchen in general, getting a garbage disposal unit is an absolute must. Not only will do the environment a favor, but your food station is going to be clean and smell-free. Once, this kind of kitchen appliance was an expensive commodity, but with the progress of technology, these types of machines are available to everyone.

We have decided to take the batch feed disposal unit from InSinkErator, and give it a test run. We will try to help you decide if this model is for you by going through the specifications, pros and cons, warranty and the general feeling that this unit can provide.

We will sum up all the important information into this InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control review, and let you decide whether this particular model is for your household. So, feel free to read on.


InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control Specifications

Firstly, a noteworthy thing to mention is that this is the only popular batch feed model from InSinkErator, meaning that it will be a little larger than usual models. This also means that the model requires no wall switch, and will work after it is full and manually activated. If you need further clarification on what a batch feed garbage disposal unit is, please consider going through our helpful manual specifically written to help you learn all there is about the waste disposal types.

Now, let’s talk about raw power. This model is powered by a 3/4 HP Dura-Drive induction motor, which means that it’s next to the most powerful 1.0 HP on the power scale. That also means that it provides the optimal usage for 4 people on a regular basis. Furthermore, the grinder itself has 40 oz. stainless steel grind chamber, packed with a MultiGrind Technology, consisting of a 2 stage grinding cells.

The magnetic CoverStart system makes it hard for the smells and odors to leave the grinding chamber. Additionally, a robust, chrome plated stopper is there to hold back water when needed, and will only turn on when manually activated.

On top of it all, InSinkErator built in their famous SoundSeal noise-muffling system. Combined with the hidden location (under the sink) this sound-proofing technology lowers the noise levels to a minimum.

This model comes packed with: the unit, Quick Load sink mount, magnetic stopper, discharge tubes, clamp, hardware, and jam-buster wrench. And in the end, of course, there is the user manual for additional help.

Customer Support and Warranty Policy

This manufacturer is making sink related appliances, for the kitchen and for the bathroom. Their program of garbage disposals is greatly supported all around the world. This popular model has a special user manual being that it is a batch-feed type. InSinkErator provided all the intricate details regarding the model, and in case you need to contact them you can do it through traditional (landline) and modern means (email, website, mobile).

The Evolution Cover Control is covered with a 7-year `We Come to You` in-home limited warranty policy. This means that wherever you are, one of the 1,500 licensed repairmen will come to your home and help install, repair or help with the maintenance of the unit, as long as you use it properly.

What to Expect from InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control Garbage Disposal?

This batch-feed model should be used only when full, and the sensor will inform you when the moment to grind is near. So, all you need to do is to activate it when full and use the cover provided, for protection from dangerous accidents and nasty odors. These type of garbage disposal units require far less water, but you need to wait for the batch to complete.


  • Large batch capacity combined with a powerful motor for super efficiency
  • Quick Load sink mount system, making the installation easier than ever
  • SoundSeal technology makes the model quiet while grinding


  • Power cord not included with the unit
  • Waiting for the batch to fill can sometimes be a nuisance time-wise


Wrap Up

And there we have it. All of the essential info for this powerful batch-feed garbage disposal machine. It is powerful and it is not loud, making it a pleasant addition to the kitchen. Use it on a daily basis for a maximum of 4 people in the household if you want to get the optimal performance out of it.

We hope that we have covered every essential piece of information in our InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control review. We were satisfied by its performance, and if by any chance you have additional questions, please feel free to ask in the comment section, and we will gladly provide an answer.

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