Moen GXS75C GX Review

Moen GXS75C Garbage DisposalGarbage disposals have become common in cities and suburbs alike, especially if the trash doesn’t get picked up very often. To preserve the quality of air and hygiene in their homes, people are buying and attaching disposal systems to their sinks and septic tanks. Moen is just one company in a long line which delivers a product for the purpose of managing food waste.

We have endeavored to test out one waste disposal appliance and share our findings in our Moen GXS75C GX review.


Moen GXS75C GX Specifications

Once you open the box you will notice one very interesting thing, the disposal looks just as good in real life as it does in the pictures. The sleek, all-black design makes the Moen logo really pop, and if it wasn’t for the obvious connectors on the top, you would think this was some type of a high-tech gadget.

While this unit won’t be able to tell you the weather or check your email, it will do the job it was made for, well. The disposal achieves good waste disposal results thanks to its permanent magnet vortex motor. The motor itself works on 3/4HP, but it produces an impressive 2700 RPM. That RPM is the entry level for motors of a stronger grade but is achieved here thanks to the Vortex motor.

Mounting for this waste disposal has been simplified from your standard 3-bolt system. If you already had a disposal that uses a 3-bolt system, it is very likely that you can use it to mount this one. Because this unit’s mounting assembly is compatible with most popular brands. But, if this is your first disposal, don’t worry, mounting it isn’t too complicated.

The sound of the unit is at an acceptable level, even in use, thanks to the SoundShield technology Moen employs for this disposal unit. You can see it in action below.

Customer Support and Warranty

Since Moen produces a variety of products, keeping clients happy and supporting them with their customer service department has been a priority. Plenty of customers have had positive experiences with their customer service, even when something goes wrong with one of their products.

You can contact them by either using the customer service helpline or by sending them an email. Sometimes you may have to wait a while for parts for certain models, as some customers have reported. This model is covered by a limited warranty of 5 years, including in-home service.

What to Expect from Moen GXS75C GX?

The garbage disposal delivered fairly well during the testing. Of course, we followed the recommendations made by the manufacturer regarding how to safely and efficiently use the unit. We tried fish bones from small fish, some rinds from eaten fruit, the tops, and ends of various vegetables and various leftovers from different meals.

The machine did make slightly more noise, once we put a bigger amount of food down the drain, but it grounds up everything nonetheless. The price of the unit puts it in the middle, neither cheap nor too expensive, but performance-wise it is at the upper level of this performance grade. To find out more about the different power grades and types of garbage disposals, you can check out our materials.


  • Powerful motor that produces 2700 RPM with 3/4 HP
  • Compatible with other 3-bolt mounting systems
  • Very good sound insulation technology


  • The powerful motor will cause vibration and noise if not properly mounted
  • Doesn’t come with a wrench for unjamming


Wrap Up

What we have here is a waste disposal unit that is mid-range price-wise but leans towards the high-end if you are looking at performance. The sound insulation was done properly and the grinding system delivers satisfactory waste disposal. Given the power output, this model would accommodate a family of 4 who cooks fairly regularly.

The appliance may have some trouble handling the needs of a larger family that cooks often. Thankfully there is an entire power grade above this model if you need something stronger. We hope we have covered everything important in our Moen GXS75C GX review.

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