Waste King L2600 Review

Waste King Legend L2600 Garbage DisposalWaste King is a company that has operated for half a century and they have already made themselves a popular choice among homeowners because of their garbage disposal units. Garbage disposal is a useful piece of kitchen machinery that grinds any leftover food you don’t feel like eating or scraps you would normally throw away during food preparation. We have a chosen and tested a fine unit and you will get to see the results in our Waste King L2600 review.


Waste King L2600 Specifications

The compact and sleek design are the first things that will catch your eye with this model. The thick plastic envelopes the main body, providing a seamless design and protection to anything under the sink from the vibrations of the disposal.

Putting in the unit was not as difficult as it is with other models. As you can see in the user manual, this is because of the EZ Mount design that is present with most other Waste King waste disposal units. The machine was mounted under the sink with a few easy twists and turns, and because it comes with a pre-installed power cord, we didn’t have to do any electric work. Once the easy assembly is done, you can turn it on or off with a flip of a single switch – just make sure to always have water running when using the trash disposal.

This particular model operates with a 1/2 HP permanent magnet motor, that runs on 2600rpm. A permanent magnet motor generally jams less which is a very good feature, especially on continuous garbage disposal models, like this one. To learn more about the importance of HP and other waste disposal characteristics, you can check out our buyer’s guide.

You could easily get rid of rinds from citrus fruit, small fish bones, the leafy parts of vegetables you aren’t going to use and scraps of meat. The design of the machine features guards to prevent waste from coming back up. Also, the stainless-steel parts guarantee a longer lifespan for the disposal. For a household of 1-2 people who cook often, this would be a good investment.

Customer Support and Warranty

As Waste King has been expanding over the years, they have also invested time in making a lasting relationship between them and their customers. You can contact their customer service via email or phone, from Monday to Friday.

The unit comes with a 5-year limited warranty for in-house use. If there is a malfunction or it breaks down, Waste King will replace the unit. The one issue users have with the customer service is when something goes wrong and then the closest authorized service center can’t send a repairman right away. Otherwise, people were satisfied with the level of customer service Waste King provides.

What to Expect from Waste King L2600?

With this disposal unit, you can expect a compact and useful way of handling your food waste. Given the horsepower, this unit tolerates the disposal needs of 2 adult people just fine. With 3-4 people, the appliance could also handle the load if they cooked intermittently – say every couple of days.

The sound isolation makes this machine quieter than its competitors, but it is also packaged in a nice compact design which makes mounting less of a hassle. For small loads, this is a pretty powerful machine, and if taken care of properly, could last for a few years after the warranty.


  • Budget-friendly unit with a good motor
  • Grinders are made of stainless steel for longevity
  • The casing has sound insolation making it run quieter


  • The grinders sometimes have patterns on them which makes the unit vibrate
  • Too much water while in use could make it vibrate and noisy
  • The external cover is made out of plastic, not metal


Wrap Up

There you have it, a small but sturdy waste disposal system which could help you out with most kitchen leftovers and scraps that would normally just sit in your garbage can. Thanks to this little appliance your home doesn’t have to smell of fish or rotting fruit anymore.

As we said, this model is suited for a smaller household, but it could also manage a medium one as well. We hope we have covered all of the interesting points in our Waste King L2600 review. If you would like to ask us a question, please feel free to do so in our comments section.

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