Waste King Legend A1SPC Knight Review

Waste King A1SPC Knight Garbage DisposalWhen preparing any meal or dish in the kitchen, you are bound to have food leftovers that you’re going to throw away. Depending on your garbage pick up schedule, the rotting food waste will eventually leave a bad odor in a garbage can, in the kitchen, even in front of the house – doesn’t matter where you put it, it’s still going to stink.

Waste King has built a business around solving this problem for over 50 years. In our Waste King Legend A1SPC Knight review, we will go over one such machine and share with you what we have learned.


Waste King Legend A1SPC Knight Specifications

The continuous feed food waste disposer that we are reviewing looks quite different than the rest of them in Waste King’s series. The futuristic design of the appliance almost makes it a shame to hide it under the sink, but that is the only place to put it.

For medium to big families, this appliance will be able to handle a lot of use because of its 1HP permanent magnet motor. One key difference between this model and others is that this model only has a single grinding chamber to process the food waste. But don’t worry, the manufacturer assures users that the 2700 RPM which this machine produces is enough to pulverize your food scraps.

Through our testing, we did prove that the words of the manufacturer do hold water, and the machine did destroy the scraps as long as we followed the instruction manual. Another pleasant surprise was the sound insulation. It was among the quietest models we tested from Waste King and other producers as well.

Also, unlike the other models in this line, this disposal unit has a 3-bolt system for installation, that is compatible with older 3-bolt systems if you already had one before. Thankfully this appliance also comes with a 36-inch power cord, which can save you from doing any electrical work as well.

Customer Support and Warranty

You can easily contact the service center at Waste King via email or phone, during their work hours from Monday to Friday. While some consumers have found them to be quick to respond and help, other people have had difficulties securing an available repairman in certain situations. Of course, there are some ways to repair the unit on your own. You can see below video.

The warranty on this disposal has a lifetime guarantee, meaning the manufacturer does have confidence in this model and they are willing to back it up with a very long warranty.

What to Expect from Waste King Legend A1SPC Knight?

The cost of this machine is on the pricier side. That being said, you do get some good features with that price tag. A silent operating disposal unit that has a strong motor and a lifetime guarantee is, in our opinion, worth the money. This type of model would be good for a family of 4 who cooks often or even a slightly bigger family.

If budgetary constraints aren’t a problem, and this slightly bigger model can fit under your sink, then it is worth considering the purchase. However, if you live alone or in a slightly smaller household then you can go for a model with less HP. To learn more about the different types of waste disposals and available options, feel free to browse the website.


  • Has high-quality sound insulation
  • The grinding chamber is made from corrosion-proof materials
  • Lifetime guarantee on the unit


  • The disposal is a bit big and may require help to install
  • The food guard is made of hard rubber that slows down water flow
  • The food guard is not removable, making a bit harder to clean


Wrap Up

All in all, this is a good unit. Yes, the price tag is a bit less welcoming than other models, but you do get reliable performance. The 1HP motor makes it an ideal appliance for most situations. The superior soundproofing is an added bonus for people who hate noisy appliances. The main drawback being the size of this unit could make it difficult to install or even place under a sink if it is already being used for storage.

We hope we have covered all of the important things in our Waste King Legend A1SPC Knight review. If you have any additional questions or comments, feel free to contact us via our comments section.

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