Waste King Legend L-111 Review

Waste King Legend L-111 Garbage DisposalSick of the odors from food scraps after preparing a meal? Well, there are a few ways to deal with them, one of which is installing a waste disposal system under your sink. These machines grind up leftovers, food scraps and other organic waste which would normally sit in a bag waiting for pick up.

With our unbiased Waste King Legend L-111 review, we want to present a compact disposal unit and all of the relevant information about it.


Waste King Legend L-111 Knight Specifications

This popular waste disposal unit we have today is one of the most compact ones that Waste King makes. This model was designed to save space under the sink and to make installation easier. The installation process isn’t difficult as the appliance has the manufacturer’s EZ mount system that simplifies things. For more info on the mounting process, check the user guide that comes with the unit.

To make things easier, this model comes with a pre-installed power cord, so you don’t have to bother with setting up a new one unless it isn’t long enough. Under the surface, we have a permanent magnet motor that runs on 1/3 HP at 1900RPM. Once you have connected everything, using the appliance is as simple as flipping a wall switch.

This continuous feed disposal unit, as most do, requires running water to operate properly and to wash out all of the waste residues. Another feature of this machine is the removable splash guard that protects users from backsplash while it is working. Also, if you dropped something that you didn`t want down the drain, getting it back will be far easier by removing the splash guard.

The manual reset button will turn off the machine in situations of jamming or overloading. The button is located on the bottom of the unit.

Customer Support and Warranty

Customers can easily contact the company through the company’s email or customer service phone number. You can even contact them asking questions before you make a purchase. Just make sure to do it during work hours between Monday and Friday.

This particular model is covered with a 2-year limited warranty for in-home use.

What to Expect from Waste King Legend L-111?

Any waste disposal appliance of this size is meant for light use. Due to the 1/3 HP motor, the load this unit is made to handle is for a household of 1-2 people that don’t cook every day. You can grind up small eggshells, the leafy parts of vegetables you don’t use, and, of course, rinds from citrus fruits.

In small quantities, this garbage disposal can get rid of a variety of things. Users are always advised to follow the suggestions from the manufacturer, regarding what you can and cannot put down your disposal.

You can expect to have an easier time mounting this model than the ones coming from the competitors. Because of the compact design, you can actually store a small water heater and some other things under the sink with ease.


  • Comes with a power cord
  • Can be attached to your septic system
  • Comes with a removable splash guard


  • The support ring and sink flange are plastic which is less reliable than steel
  • The small size means it takes more time for bigger loads of waste
  • No sound insulation


Wrap Up

The garbage disposal unit we tested out is a solid solution for a small household. If you have a problem with odors from leftovers or food scraps after cooking, then this could help you out. Unlike other models made by Waste King, this one doesn’t have sound insulation, but because it is small, it doesn’t make that much noise while in use.

Considering this model comes at a very budget-friendly price, despite some cons, it is worth the money if it matches the needs of your household. We hope we have covered all that you wanted to know in our Waste King Legend L-111 review. If we have left something out, please contact us with your questions in our comments section and we will gladly reply.

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