Waste King Legend L-8000 Review

Waste King L8000 Garbage DisposalNobody likes the smell of day-old garbage in their home. Thankfully there is a little appliance you can hide under the kitchen sink that can help you with that. Waste King is well-known for making many of these devices, simply known as garbage disposals.

In our Waste King Legend L-8000 review, we will go over the details of a particular waste disposal machine in order to help you make a more informed decision before your next purchase. Based on our research and testing we will share our views on the unit, as well as information about the specifications, warranty, and other useful info.


Waste King Legend L-8000 Specifications

This disposal is a compact unit despite its size. Yes, this is a slightly bigger model than Waste King usually makes, however, this is because of the power that’s hidden under the surface. The motor in this machine is a 1HP permanent magnet motor.

While some machines can waste electricity, this unit has a low-amp energy efficient motor that runs on 2800RPM. You may think the noise would be an issue, but the people at Waste King care enough about their customers to put sound insulation into all of their disposals. So, you can rev up the motor and be sure that it won’t make too much noise.

The case is made of durable plastic and the swivel impellers used to grind up food are made of stainless steel for added durability. Don’t fret too much about the installation process as this model comes with the EZ mount system, so it is pretty easy to put together.

The easy-to-remove splashguard is a good feature here because it will keep you safe from any waste wanting to pop out. Also, it is easy to remove and clean, so that no bad odors linger in your kitchen because of the splash guard. As it is a continuous garbage disposal, remember to always leave the water running to help the grinders in the disposal process.

Customer Support and Warranty

The company has been expanding for the last 50+ years and maintains a loyal following with its customers. Generally, people don’t have an issue contacting the Waste King’s customer service department via email or phone.

Although, customers have voiced their displeasure about the speed at which they received help from authorized repairmen. The warranty on this model covers a lifetime of use and home repairs if the situation calls for it. But make sure you install it properly by following the user guide, or by hiring a professional.

What to Expect from Waste King Legend L-8000?

For a family of 4 who cooks often, this might be the ideal model for waste disposal. It can grind up most leftovers and food scraps in the blink of an eye. As a 1HP disposal unit, you can expect the model taking up more space and making more noise, but the tradeoff is that you can get rid of more food waste. If you have enough space to mount it, we think you would be pretty happy with this model. But if space is an issue, you can always opt for a smaller and less powerful waste disposal unit.


  • Has a stainless-steel grind chamber
  • Runs on a powerful motor, but isn’t too loud
  • Easy to install


  • No way to unjam the machine from the outside
  • The detachable scratch guard may cause difficulty while cleaning the unit


Wrap Up

When we talk about disposal units, it all comes down to power and size. Yes, the model we reviewed is a bit larger, but that also means a bigger waste grinding capacity as well as more power. Any medium to the big household could benefit from an appliance like this in their home. Getting rid of food scraps and leftovers is more hygienic and eco-friendly than letting it sit in a garbage bag or landfill. We hope we have covered all of the relevant points in our Waste King Legend L-8000 review.

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